City Connects

Collins Middle School City Connects Coordinators create a tailored support plan for every scholar – leveraging a comprehensive range of prevention, intervention, and enrichment services that exist in schools and communities.  

Scholars and families that need additional support can be referred to or request a scholar Support Team meeting where the team develops a plan to provide a broader level of support.  

City Connects Coordinators are the hub of scholar support — a single point of contact in an otherwise crowded maze of service providers. We alleviate the burden on principals and teachers, and we create an organized referral process for community-based partners. We help connect scholars, families, and staff to identify and target the right service at the right time.


Hawthorne provides clinical support, academic coordination, family support and care coordination services for scholars who are re-entering a full schedule after missing a significant amount of learning due to serious mental health, medical and/or life transition issues. Hawthorne is a short-term program with personalized supports that are clinically grounded and flexible to each scholar’s needs. School staff supporting the Hawthorne program strive to coordinate resources within the school and the larger community and partner effectively with families to help each participating scholar reintegrate and complete the school year on track. 

School-Based Counseling Services through North Shore Community Health (NSCH) 

Licensed therapist housed within Collins Middle School aimed at increasing access to behavioral health care for our youth. Services are provided throughout the school year, are insurance-based, and are affiliated with the NSCH School-Based Health Centers. Contact your City Connects Coordinator to make a therapy referral.